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Diversity 2

My Role: Level Designer

September 2014

A multigenre map for Minecraft and holder of the Guinness World Record for Most Downloaded Minecraft Project.


My Roles: Producer, Level Designer, Animator, VFX Artist

June 2018

Soar through a world of floating islands in this whimsical 3D platformer starring Zefeir the Griffin.


My Roles: Producer, Lead Programmer

June 2017

A game about retrieving a lost beacon from the depths of space. Part of the UCSC Games & Playable Media Collection.

Murder at the Murder Mystery Convention

My Roles: Designer, Programmer, Writer

December 2017

A whimsical parser-based murder mystery built in Inform 7. Written in collaboration with Jesse Fischbeck.

Murder Mystery Movement Generator

My Roles: Programmer

December 2017

A program that generates spatial data for murder mysteries using Answer Set Programming. Developed in collaboration with Jesse Fischbeck.

Murder on the Disorient Express

My Roles: Designer, Writer

March 2016

A Twine murder mystery written in collaboration with Jonah Oxenhandler.

One-Hit Wonder

My Roles: Designer, Programmer

April 2018

Overcome your demotivation and choose from randomly placed game ideas to launch your career in game development. Built in collaboration with Jigarbov for Modjam 5.

Perhaps, the Last

My Role: Level Designer

June 2017

A narrative-focused Minecraft adventure map built in collaboration with 15 other mapmakers. Built entirely in Minecraft's survival mode as part of a mapmaking challenge.

Trench Warfare

My Role: Designer

March 2016

A board game simulating WW1 trench warfare. Be prepared for a long playsession.

The Utopia Tesseract

Solo Project

December 2015

A platformer/tower defense hybrid where you must defend a budding utopian system from various social challenges as it grows into an unstoppable enforcer of harmony.

Super Math Bros

Solo Project

May 2015

A silly Super Smash Bros-inspired fighting game starring my favorite teachers from high school!


Solo Project

November 2014

An Empire-inspired strategy game and my first-ever programming project.


Solo Project

October 2014

A lighthearted throwback to old-school Minecraft adventure maps where you play as a cliche selfless hero and must save Doomsville from disaster! Built entirely in Minecraft's survival mode as part of a mapmaking challenge.


Solo Project

December 2013

A short Complete the Monument (CTM) map for Minecraft featuring four frosty areas to explore.

The L'brour Mansion

Solo Project

October 2013

A whimsical story-heavy adventure map. Explore the bizarre mansion of Gordon L'brour, a paranoid clockmaker who is obsessed with immortality.


Solo Project

April 2013

A long and challenging Complete the Monument (CTM) map and my largest Minecraft project by far, featuring 15 massive areas to explore and 6 months of development time.

Luigi's Mansion

Solo Project

April 2013

A small side project inspired by the game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Explore two eerie mansions and collect as much treasure as you can!


Solo Project

January 2012

A wacky LOST-inspired timeline-hopping adventure! Ranked the #13 Best Minecraft Map on PCGamer.


My Role: Level Designer

March 2013

A sprawling Complete the Monument (CTM) map for Minecraft made in collaboration with 28 other mapmakers.

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