My Games

Cold Fusion's Custom Minecraft Maps

September 2011-Present

Twenty custom maps for Minecraft -- including Diversity 2, holder of the Guinness World Record for the Most Downloaded Minecraft Project.


My Roles: Producer, Level Designer, Animator, VFX Artist

June 2018

Soar through a world of floating islands in this whimsical 3D platformer starring Zefeir the Griffin.


My Roles: Producer, Lead Programmer

June 2017

A game about retrieving a lost beacon from the depths of space. Part of the UCSC Games & Playable Media Collection.

Super Math Bros

Solo Project

May 2015 (Updated August 2018)

A silly Super Smash Bros-inspired fighting game starring my favorite teachers from high school!

Murder on the Disorient Express

My Roles: Designer, Writer

March 2016

A Twine murder mystery written in collaboration with Jonah Oxenhandler.

Murder at the Murder Mystery Convention

My Roles: Designer, Programmer, Writer

December 2017

A whimsical parser-based murder mystery built in Inform 7. Written in collaboration with Jesse Fischbeck.

Murder Mystery Movement Generator

My Roles: Programmer

December 2017

A program that generates spatial data for murder mysteries using Answer Set Programming. Developed in collaboration with Jesse Fischbeck.

Trench Warfare

My Role: Designer

March 2016

A board game simulating WW1 trench warfare. Be prepared for a long playsession.

The Utopia Tesseract

Solo Project

December 2015

A platformer/tower defense hybrid where you must defend a budding utopian system from various social challenges as it grows into an unstoppable enforcer of harmony.


Solo Project

November 2014

An Empire-inspired strategy game and my first-ever programming project.