Hi, I'm Shayne Hayes, educator by day, game developer by night.

My first experience programming was in my junior year of high school, when I followed an online C++ tutorial to create a dungeon crawling game in the command line. The first moments my program ran felt magical -- at last I could watch my designs come to life! Ever since then I have been an avid coder, learning almost a dozen programming languages as I studied game development at UC Santa Cruz.

During this time I also discovered my passion for teaching, working as an instructor for iD Tech Camps at Stanford University during the summer and as a private programming and mathematics tutor during the rest of the year. It brings me great joy to help people reach those first few magical coding moments, which can spark a lifetime love of technology.

For more information about myself and my work, please see my portfolio, LinkedIn profile, and Resume.

Subjects I Teach

  • Computer Programming (C++, C, C#, Java, Javascript, Python, Scratch, and more!)
  • Game Design and Development (Minecraft Mapping/Modding, Unity, Phaser, Twine, Tracery, Inform 7, Level Design, Production, VFX)
  • Mathematics (6th grade math through calculus)
  • Graphic Design and Digital Arts
  • Study Skills

  • My Teaching Style

    I value sensitivity, flexibility, and mindful communication. I'm always looking for new ways to communicate concepts and adapt course material to different learning styles. I tend to teach in a highly structured manner, but I mold my curriculum to fit each student's needs and interests.
    I primarily tutor kids ages 6-18, but I am open to working with anyone who needs guidance. It's never too early or too late to start coding!


    "I come from a family of educators. I know what it takes to be an average teacher, and I know what it takes to be a good teacher. Shayne is neither. Shayne is a super star when it comes to teaching. I placed my confidence and trust in him to teach and care for my child, and Shayne exceeded my expectations."

    -Arthur Navarette, Esq.

    "Shayne is a knowledgeable and dedicated instructor. In my experience, he has consistently demonstrated a high work ethic and passion for computer science. He is also an excellent mentor for children interested in STEM, and has proven himself to be able to have fun and remain engaging while educating students. I would highly recommend him!"

    -Love Wootton, Assistant Director at iD Tech Camps

    "Shayne tutored my son and two of his friends in computer programming and game design. He brought a great deal of enthusiasm and inspiration to their experience. As Shayne’s former math teacher, I also recommend him without hesitation!"

    -Randy Garrett, Math Department Chair at Pacific Collegiate School

    Schedule a Session

    To schedule a session, please contact me via email: mail@shaynehayes.net